Welcome, to a secret world…



I’ve been wanting to set up this website since I published my first book in December of ’14. These days, we surf the web like we’ve been doing it all our lives; glancing through pages without much of an idea on the amount of work that goes into creating and publishing them.

For now, this is very much a work in progress – it’s a whole new concept I’m trying to get my head around and I’m hoping, in the coming weeks, to work out how to write my blog posts here and share them with people who also follow me on various other sites.

Check back from time to time… keep up with what’s news; receive a ‘heads-up’ on forthcoming releases and special offers; or kick off your shoes, relax a while and spend some time reading my posts – where you may just gain an insight into the musings of a very disturbed mind 😉

GG… over and out!