A moment’s silence, please…


There can be no doubt whatsoever – the tragedy which occurred on Tuesday, 25th October at Dreamworld, one the Gold Coast’s iconic theme parks, has had an enormous effect on an entire community. This morning, while writing, instead of the familiar shrieks and squeals of thrill-seeking park patrons in the background, there’s an all too eerie silence.

Even more disturbing, however, is that far too regularly the silence is ripped apart by the sound of circling helicopters – each intent on getting their hourly grab for TV network audiences who are most likely about as over this form of invasive and tasteless reporting as I am!

Honestly… what on earth can be achieved now, from taking overhead footage of the site of a tragedy which happened four days ago? Don’t the networks realise that every beat of every blade brings a stark and unpleasant reminder to thousands of local residents, or do they simply not care?

What have we come to, when it seems these days we place a higher level of importance on filling-in holes in hourly news programs and rushing toward the levelling of accusations and apportioning of blame, than we do on allowing family members and friends to grieve, allowing investigators the time they require to do their work properly and allowing the wider community to find some normality?

Guys… give it a break! Leave the choppers on the ground for a while and go find something else to do. We’ve suffered enough for the time-being!