Home in time for Christmas :)

Here you go… they were still warm when they arrived, although the box was left sitting out in the sun for a while before it was discovered. Nevertheless, that minor detail didn’t stop me from announcing them as being quite literally ‘hot off the press!’

These are proof-only copies and, thanks to CreateSpace’s recently introduced revision to their rules regarding the number of proofs an author can order, they are in VERY limited supply. Two are already spoken for – so if you want one, get in quick!

GG… over and out!

Sorry Sister!

There I was, going innocently about my work on Milton Road in the wee hours of Friday morning when a friend tapped me on the shoulder and told me I was being observed. He pointed behind me and when I turned and saw this, for a moment I was scared absolutely shi—–!

Oops… sorry Sister!

GG… over and out!