A change for the better…

My life took a dramatic turn a few weeks ago. After spending several years on a pile set aside for rejects and with the file listing my skills and knowledge gathering dust in the too hard basket, I was thrown an employment lifeline. The personal changes I’ve experienced over such a short period since then have been tremendous.

This afternoon, I received a short note containing some very positive feedback from my new employer and immediately, it reminded me of how it’s often the simpler things in life which can have the most life-altering affects.

As a result, I recalled some of the things I believe are the most important to keep in mind when it comes to holding it all together in the face of adversity. I’d like to share them with you.

Never let go of your sense of humour. There will always be something out there, or someone, that will always be trying to feed off what little energy you have left in reserve. Push them into the background, turn down their volume knob and ignore them. Instead, find a source that will provide a moment or two of laughter every day and better yet, give others a cause to laugh.

The reward from achieving this is priceless!

The day we stop learning is the day we start dying. Learn something new every day – whether it’s about yourself, about someone close to you, about the world you live in, about the people you share the world with or about the environment which surrounds you – and when you are planning your tomorrow, try to put something you’ve learned today to good use.

Learning is continued evidence of your connection to the outside world. Never forget – knowledge is power!

At the end of the day, in that wonderful period of silence between when you lay your head on the pillow and when you start to drift into the sub-conscious ether, take a few precious moments to reflect on the day, on your attitudes and behaviours and on the effect they had on others. Take note of the positives that came from what was and use them to plan what will be.

Each day must constitute a step forward in some way, even if your progress can only be measured in fairy-steps 🙂

When you wake each morning, go straight to the bathroom. If you share your home with others, it’s important that you lock the door behind you to ensure a minute or two of uninterrupted selfishness.

After completing your morning ritual, before you unlock the door and leave, take a good look in the mirror and say 4 complementary things about yourself. These could be based on your reflections of the previous evening and concentrating on any positives arising from the previous day will make it easier for you to approve of yourself.

You are worthy! Your life means something to someone! Setbacks are only ever temporary; and the only way you need to be looking is forward.

Life is full of hard-work experiences and frustrating dilemmas. Welcome them and embrace them. Break large challenges down into more manageable chunks and if there’s too much on your plate, remember the following: do one thing at a time, do it to the best of your abilities and try to get it right. What is absolutely forbidden is beating yourself up if you make an error. Mistakes happen and if nothing else, they are evidence that you are still human and haven’t yet become a vegetable. Things can be fixed easily – people can’t!

The question here is, how do you eat an elephant? The answer, in very small bites!

It’s extremely important that you reward yourself regularly for your achievements – however small. My personal preference is to tidy myself up and head out to a coffee shop for a flat-white and a muffin, but really, it comes down to whatever floats your boat. If you ever pass by my coffee shop of choice and see me gorging on something unhealthy, as long as you don’t poke fun at me, I’ll extend the same courtesy and forgive you your little peccadilloes 😉

In closing this one down, I’d also like to say that very little of what life throws at you is going to be fun. In most instances, my most fundamental rule is: keep calm and try your damndest not to hurt anyone!

We can’t control the curve on the ball that’s heading our way, so there’s no point in worrying about it. What we can control and what we must control is, what we do each day with what is presented to us. As I shut down each evening I ask myself three questions: did I do the best I could do today with the gifts I was granted; what little self-improvement will I concentrate on tomorrow; and most importantly, when I achieve what I set out to do, what flavour muffin will I choose 🙂


GG… over and -mmmmmm… muffins!

2 thoughts on “A change for the better…”

  1. Well well well, Don’t forget about how rewarding is the feeling that is engendered by good feedback from an unexpected source. GR8 to hear that you are sparkling on all cylinders, keep it up.

    1. I agree. To me, the feedback was a reflection not only of the effort I’m putting in now, during my rostered-on hours, but also for the effort I’ve been putting in during the rostered-off years.
      The lesson learned is confirmation of what I have always believed – dogged persistence will always reap it’s due reward.
      Never, never, never give up on yourself!

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