Back once more from the point of no return…

Hi all!

I’ve just returned from another wonderfully relaxing long-weekend at The Fabulous Kirkley Manor. I always come away from the place reinvigorated and raring to go, and the posts I leave after my impromptu visits never fail to create some interest. I’m acutely aware that you would all like to know exactly where it is, but unfortunately, it’s hidden behind a veil of tight-lipped secrecy – I’m under threat of torture and a severe smacked-bottom if ever I reveal it’s true location.

However, for those of you who are eager to know more and like to play guessing games, on this occasion I was able to rattle off a quick snap of the inviting architecture from across the road when I went for a bit of a stroll, while mine host’s attention was elsewhere (see photo).

I’m not sure what they were up to at the time, but I think they were barbecuing something because the smell wafting from the garden at the rear of their secluded private quarters was divine. There seemed to be a lot of chanting and dancing going on as well and I have no idea what that was all about. Curiosity got the better of me though and I tried to peek in through the ivy-covered trellis as I made my way past, but my attempt was thwarted by some very aggressive-looking crows. I thought the whole thing a bit odd for that time of day, but left them to it… each to their own habits, right?

Still, if you have a keen eye for detail, I’m sure you’ll be able to work out where it is.

On arrival, I was immediately impressed by the physical appearance of my wonderful friends and couldn’t help but admire them for the effort they’ve obviously been putting into their diet and exercise regimes. They’re none too keen on having their photos taken and I’m running the risk of upsetting them by doing this, but I caught them by surprise in this snap (below) when they came out to wave goodbye as I was leaving. Don’t you think they look great? I guess it all comes down to the way we see things as individuals, but it just goes to show the results one can achieve when you truly put your mind to something!

I was sitting at their table one evening, sipping away nonchalantly on a rustic old ale while they slurped on a fruity little blood-red number from  stone goblets – circa 1400’s? – trying to recall the last time I was there and figured it had to be at least a few years ago. My bad of course… too many distractions lately and too much wasting of time.

I’ll be back again early in the new year no doubt… perhaps I’ll make that the first stop on the long-awaited road-trip I’ve been planning, which I hope to begin mid next February.

Until next time…

GG… over and out!

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