Cloudy, with a chance of…

Don’t you just love wet days?

Ok, so, for many hard-working folk, rainy days mean loss of production and missed opportunity – but for me, whenever we’re on the receiving end of a damned-good drenching, I open up my mind and head off on a voyage of discovery.

Today, for instance, I took a trip with Captain James Cook and learned about celestial navigation – a topic that will prove to be a critical element in my current chapter. Lawrence is lost, you see, and he’ll look to the heaven’s in more than prayer before he find himself again.

As is so often the case with me (Oh look, a bird!), one thing led to another, and another, until I found myself at the old Moreton Bay Pile Lighthouse – quite literally, a pile, light, house…

Of course, this had nothing at all to do with the story I’m writing and won’t feature in the plot in the remotest possible way. However, early next year, when I start work on “Beacon”, who knows?

That’ll keep you guessing.

gg… over and out!

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