The Stories So Far…


“GOTH” – where it all began.

The year is 1914. 12-year-old Frank Thornton is walking home with Jean, his girlfriend, when their journey suddenly goes horribly awry. They become victims of a vicious attack, with Frank left to defend Jean with the only thing at his disposal – a cheap plastic sword!

26 years later, under the cloud of WWII, Frank and Jean become separated while scrambling to get to an air-raid shelter. In the corner of his eye, Frank catches a glimpse of a terrifying vision from his past. Turning to confirm his suspicion, he almost runs over Peter; a young boy who is about to be the thing’s next victim.

This is the story of Ben Wilson, Frank and Jean’s grandson. Ben is 12 years old and lives with his father, mother and brother; and more recently, something he believes has moved in to the cellar beneath the stairs.

Ben’s paths are constantly criss-crossed by sinister, menacing figures and his parents and teachers are behaving very strangely. Under threat at home, at school and everywhere in-between, Ben turns to his grandparents and his friend, Susan, for help.

Time is running out. Ben has to make some hard decisions, fraught with disastrous consequences.

If you like happy endings, you’d better read another book!

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“HUNT” – Everyone knows… when you’re travelling through the Australian Outback, everything gets covered in rust-red dust – everything!

People come to the Miranjani Wilderness Retreat for a variety of reasons… some to experience the incredible subterranean geographical formations, some to observe the fascinating display of flora and fauna, some for the tranquillity, some for the lavish buffet, some come simply to escape – and some come for other reasons!

The desolation of the Australian Outback and the isolation of deep space collide, when something that had no right to be up there is brought crashing to earth by something which had every right to be up there.

A cattle baron; a desperate mother and her son; a widower, troubled by the untimely loss of his young wife; a devious ex-con and the man he is indebted to; a group of university students on a research project and a handful of military-types who don’t care to be identified, are suddenly confronted by something which, simply, is out of this world.

This is shaping up to be the vacation of a lifetime!

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“WYTCH: A Most Noble Profession” – the ‘GOTH’ series continues, in part 1 of this 2-part instalment.

A red-velvet curtain flutters in the open window of the Inquisitor’s caravan, as it rumbles slowly into the 14th century town of Faerburn, England. Drake Haughton sits inside, toying with his dice.

Drake considers the town a cesspool, and its inhabitants as either scoundrels or uncouth buffoons. He would much rather be in some other place, any other place!

The Inquisitor has been summoned for a reason, however… a woman is to be tried for practising witchcraft, and punishing those found guilty is a task which panders to his perverse nature!

Drake rolls his dice again. After years of meting out torture and death to hundreds of innocent people, in his typically horrendous and sadistic style, Drake is about to come face-to-face with something that beggars belief.

Faerburn, England, is a hotbed of weird behaviour… it always was and, if Rose Blake has her way, it always will be!

Roll up, roll up… the fun of the fair;

See the wytch burning – laugh if you dare!

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