Houston, we have a problem!


The dreaded #13 curse has struck again!

I probably need to take a longer look into it, but I’m sure there’s a pattern emerging in the process I’ve adopted for writing. It seems every time I get to chapter 13 in my books, something beyond my control conspires to derail my plan and sets me back in terms of projected completion – sometimes, by months!

I don’t know whether it’s a psychological thing in that, having turned the corner of the story I’m writing and being on the straight run for home, I take the foot off the gas and get lazy, or whether it’s more of a coincidental matter and that the problem will iron itself out when I’m finally able to take full control of my environment. One thing for sure is, it has nothing to do with creative flow because my brain just simply won’t stop working. I have a very clear picture of where the remaining chapters have to go and how they need to be structured, but I just can’t seem to climb into a decent physical groove or find the right headspace required to get it done. At the moment, my ‘other’ job is a major contributor to my frustration and I can only hope I’ll be able to mesh the two pursuits together more smoothly in the not too distant future.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered how Triskaidekaphobia – the fear and superstition synonymous with the number 13 – became as culturally widespread as it is? Invariably, when you go looking for patterns, you pre-program your brain in such a way that you find find what you’re looking for quite easily – like when you work out the solution to a word-find puzzle, or Sudoku. Looking for patterns in the occurrence of numbers is no different; however, some of the root-causes of superstition surrounding the number 13, and their cross-cultural similarities, are really quite fascinating.

Other factors in my life may well be contributing to the temporary stall of Chapter 13, but at least, dear reader, I’m still scribbling stuff here for your amusement.

GG… over and out!

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