It’s ‘Hats-Off’ to Akubra!


What price, a hat?

During our lives, each of us carries around our own inner demon – some of us carry more than one.

As we select which paths we will take, on our own personal journey from cradle to grave, our progress is judged in many ways and by all sorts of people. Some know us well, some know us very little… some we will meet and some, we’ll never get to meet at all.

While I actively seek the input and advice of family and friends on many levels, I’ve never paid a great deal of attention to what is said or thought of me by others. People will make up their own minds on whether they believe my lifetime contribution is admirable or not, but when it comes to judgement, I prefer to turn my critical eye to how well I’ve been able to face my own inner demons.

A man – not known to me personally, yet no more than an arm’s length away – has spent a significant portion of his life facing his own personal trials. At times, he shows himself to be a man of intricate nature; at other times, he is demonstrably simplistic… and all the time, as he manages these shifts and tries to make sense of them, he ekes out an existence in a world which is fast, aggressive, and can be frightfully unforgiving.

One of the coping mechanisms he developed to assist him along his path through life was to create a hobby. He could have chosen to build plastic model cars, weave baskets or string beads together; instead, he gives thought to the things he might need to help him in some small way and takes on the challenge of writing letters to influential people.

I was motivated to write this post after recently hearing the outcome of one such interaction. My challenge here is to maintain the privacy of the people concerned, while at the same time, acknowledging an act of corporate thoughtfulness and decency. Enter Akubra!

Faced with very limited financial resources, yet feeling the need to mark a significant occasion with an appropriate gift, this young man wrote to Akubra to ask if there was anything they could do to help. The recipient of the letter was so taken by the depth of sincerity it contained that he/she was moved to respond favourably.  No doubt, Mr or Ms Akubra was happy to do so. The young man was happy with the response he got, and the ultimate recipient of the gift was extremely happy to receive it.

Today, and tomorrow, this man will face even more challenges and will keep on facing them. I’m happy in knowing he has learned – that the severity of the challenges we all face can be lessened, if only we would take the time to reach out to others. There’s always someone out there who is willing to listen… and willing to help!

Thanks Akubra! A small act of charity on your part has left an afterglow that will burn very brightly, for a very long time.


gg… over and out!

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