Life, in a parallel universe…

You can all laugh if you wish, but before I proceed, I have to admit to loving a good social experiment and lately, I’ve taken an interest in the reality tv series: “Married At First Sight”.

Like many others who have been following the series, I was appalled during a recent episode when a ‘Boy’s Night In’ was arranged – in which the male halves of the surviving couples gathered to do what ‘men’ supposedly do on a ‘boy’s night’. What followed was an alcohol-infused trashing of one of the ‘wives’, which put the notion of men behaving badly squarely in the spotlight.

If you haven’t seen the footage, you can catch it on 9Now; but make sure you have a bucket handy because you’ll probably want to vomit!

I guess my irritation comes from years of working in various large organisations and from seeing the way women are often treated in the workplace. I’m not a wowser and I’m not big on political correctness, but I seriously thought the majority of men had moved beyond the point of making breast-grappling gestures in the air, to impress their mates.

My thoughts, however, were blown to smithereens when the offending episode was aired last Sunday. There was a distinct line drawn, between the three or four male participants who regarded that sort of grubbiness as acceptable and the other half of the group, some of who were clearly offended by the attitudes and behaviours displayed.

Aside from the ‘men’ involved in this abysmal display, I’m left questioning why the producers stood back and allowed the whole sordid caper to roll on unchecked, to the point where they even used it to gain mileage and increase viewership over the following two episodes.

Sometimes, I think we men have come a long way in our treatment of women generally… but then, I see crap like that and I wonder. I really wonder!

gg… over and out!

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