Money for Jam…



Now that my site is up and running… do you like the design, by the way? I haven’t had much feedback yet, one way or the other.

Where was I? Oh yes… now that my site is up and running, I’m already starting to think the effort I put into it was completely parallel to writing a novel and self-publishing. I mean, suppose you wrote the best story ever written, but as a result of a lack of exposure in the mainstream, no-one ever knew it was there?

Building the website has given me the same problem as writing and publishing my books. Ok… so, my stories may NOT be the best ever written and I doubt this website will ever be classified amongst the more eye-catching or thought provoking; but the problem remains the same – how do I attract people to what I am doing here, or trying to do?

Maybe I just need to go and have a little lie down somewhere – in front of some traffic!


GG… over and out!

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