Noises Off!

I have to admit, as far as writing is concerned, I haven’t been able to achieve a whole lot in the last few months.

The problem has been one of background noises, caused mostly by external factors rather than internal, that I just couldn’t seem to get away from. Like a chronic case of tinnitus, they were louder on some days and in some hours of some days, than on others. Since around mid March, every day seems to have carried its own annoying, inescapable, evilly-distracting drone.

For a man who’s often found wanting when it comes to staying focussed for any decent amount of time, it’s been a very difficult period to navigate through. Unfortunately, because many of the causes impacted on me personally in some way, they had to be addressed directly and as a matter of priority. As a result, a lot of the things I’d rather have been doing had to be set aside – writing, sadly, was the first casualty.

The good news is, the last few days have been promisingly peaceful and yesterday, I even found silence enough to be able to re-open my latest labour of love. From the review this morning of what I’d accomplished yesterday, I’ll be in a happy place for the rest of today at least.

Gotta go… I have to deal with a ship in the desert.


GG… over and out!

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