Oh look… my kids have come home for Christmas!


Wow… this year has literally flown by!

I’ve found myself so busy with writing projects in the second half of this year, that I’ve neglected my family, my friends and my dedicated follower. I sincerely apologise – I’m currently trying to work some new technology into my routine, to give me a few not-so-gentle reminders of when I should be concentrating on other things. Life isn’t about putting all of my attention into my own interests, but about getting involved in the experiences of others… after all, that’s where most of my ideas are generated. Note to self!

On another note… Christmas is fast approaching. If you’re anything like me and looking to escape the monotony of daily life over the holiday season, check out my available titles. The journey is always far more interesting than the destination!

I know… no new releases this year, despite my teasing promises – but rest assured, they are on their way.

I’ll be posting a lot more detail on forthcoming projects in the near future, but next year promises to be huge – “Wytch II” is due out early in January, “Pilate” should be finished by April at the latest and I’m itching to get one other out to you as well – probably around October. I’ve been sketching out more and more detail lately – “Broot” is knocking on the door, I’m giving a lot of thought to a Sci-fi/Horror short-story quadrilogy, and “Spike” is taking shape as well.

Food for thought!

gg… over and out!

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