On The Drawing Board…

“WYTCH: Toil And Trouble” – set to be released in August/September 2016, ‘Toil And Trouble’ continues the story of the origin of the GOTH. Where did they come from… who created them, and why? What drives them, and why do they keep returning every 26 years?

To find out, you must take a long and arduous journey with Lorne Harper – a young man who, along with his Captain and a small troupe serving in the King’s Guard, has been sent out on a very secret and very dangerous mission. His journey will see him touch all three prongs of the Devil’s Fork: Wretchwood Forest; the mysterious and troubled town of Faerburn; and the menacing secrecy of Kirk Lee – all places with dark histories of their own.

Go on… take the journey with him – you know you want to! I must insist, however, that you don’t hold me responsible if you experience sleepless nights or disturbed dreams afterwards. I didn’t invent Lorne’s story… I’m only relating it!


“PILATE” – have you ever been in one of those situations – where you’ve made a really dumb decision, found yourself in a world of trouble as a result and have prayed to God, to help get you out of it? Were your prayers answered?

In September of 2014, I found myself in a very strange situation. That was the day I met Lawrence Rotherham-Brown – a young British Army Chaplain who, in October of 1915, did that very thing; when he suddenly found himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Praying for his life to be spared when a barrage of mortar-fire comes too close for comfort, believing no-one was listening anyway and that nothing would come from it, Lawrence resorts to making an outlandish promise. However, while the prayers of many seem only to fall on deaf ears, when Lawrence cried out from the besieged trenches that night, God was listening – and Lawrence was about to find out the true cost of an answered prayer.