The Blue Screen of Death…


I’ve seen this once too often of late and I keep blaming my computer, but in truth, I honestly don’t think that’s the problem 🙁  Sure, I’m running an ancient Dell Dimension 9200, but in its day it came with the best of everything and up until the Windows 10 upgrade late last year, I didn’t have any running problems at all.

Now, in an effort to stave off the loss of hours of work every time another crash occurs, I’ve had to set Word to auto-save my documents every few minutes, which can be as equally frustrating as seeing the aptly-named “Blue Screen of Death!”

I dearly love this old comp and often fantasize about working my way through a raft of transplants to keep it going, but there’s a sad inevitability of keeping pace with the speed change in the techno world. Lately, I’ve been eyeing up a cute little 8Gb, 1Tb i5 number… desktop… and maybe a TabPro, for when I’m on the move – as a sort-of temporary, middle of the road replacement for my equally dated laptop.

Decisions, decisions!

Between now and when I make up my mind, can someone please write to me and explain what I’ve just said, because I’m stuffed if I know what it is I’m actually talking about!

gg… over and out!

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