The closer you get…

…the further away things seem!

Settling on cover art, I’ve learned, requires a heap of patience and really works your ability to communicate your wants and needs. It requires a drilling-down of the thought process to a few relevant, eye-catching ideas – and a lot of what you think should be used ends up falling by the way.

Actually, it looks much better in full-size and I think we’re very close to a final draft. I’ve requested the witch be reduced in size and sent deeper into the background, for some colour to be added to my main character, Lorne, in the foreground, for that wayward space in the title to be corrected, and for the title colour to be returned to orange.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, I’m already thinking about the cover for “Pilate”, when it’s finished. OMG… it’s going to be so hard coming up with a workable theme for that, because every chapter takes the story into completely new territory. Maybe for that one, I should keep it very simple and just use a picture of an aged Victoria Cross.

Hmmm… what have I created?

gg… over and out!

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