The sacrament of the liniment is upon us!


I can’t deny it… I love my Eels!

As we enter the frenzied, footy finals phase of the year, I keep looking at the way the points ladder for this year’s competition finished and can’t help but wonder what might have been – had it not been for a string of dodgy-deals, orchestrated by men in suits who should really have known better. This evening, I’m watching a game between two ‘local’ teams, geographically speaking; and while I’m enjoying the spectacle, it hurts to know that one of the teams going around in this game was the beneficiary of the ousting of my team from finals contention – as a result of the loss of 12 competition points for salary-cap infringements.

I feel so sorry for the Eels team; but at the same time, I felt very proud to wear my colours this year and support them the only way I knew how. Despite all the off-field drama the players had to endure, they applied themselves with great dignity and I’m convinced there are better years to come.

I’ve enjoyed every game they played this season – the wins and the losses – and I learned a very valuable lesson in watching the way they conducted themselves throughout, which is: when life seems to be throwing nothing but adversity your way, one of the best things you can do to fend off the gremlins is stick to what you know, and what you know you do best. Just concentrate on controlling what you can control and let life take care of the rest.

I know my stories would bring great enjoyment to a lot of people, but without having access to the distribution networks of a recognised publisher, I can only do so much when it comes to marketing and promotion. The best thing I can do is keep going – keep doing what I do best and let my game and the way I play it speak for itself.

In the end, dogged persistence will always win.

gg… over and out 😉

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