The way to a man’s heart…


Well now… this sure beats the heck out of receiving socks and underpants as Father’s Day gifts 🙂

I’ve always loved licorice… my children have known it from an early age, though none of them ever seemed to be able to explain why my stash kept dwindling while I was out at work. This gift came courtesy of my daughter and I think the twins got in on the act this year as well. They either love me to bits, or they’re all jockeying for a mention on my next dedications page!

Only joking guys! No need to go back to hankies next year 😉

Anyway… the Dad’s Bag has been a bit of a ritual for a long time and this year, since more and more of my hours seem to be taken up in researching things, I decided to dig a little deeper into the healing effects of licorice – and was very surprised by what I found. I should have included it as a secret cure when I was writing WYTCH, but never mind – it’s bound to pop up somewhere in the future.

Being an asthma sufferer, I was surprised to find that licorice is thought to have benefits for coughs, bronchitis, sore throats and also helps with some chronic stomach complaints.

I wonder if it’s any good at helping manage weight loss… or if increasing my consumption decreases my exposure to some of these ailments?

I’ll experiment further and let you know 🙂


gg… over and out!

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