They’ve been at it again!


Monica Leahy, from GLAM Adelaide, recently reviewed “GOTH” – the first book I wrote. A little tweeter gave me a heads-up last Friday morning and it’s out there for the world to share.

I was particularly pleased with her comments, because she was reviewing a book I had no intention of letting others read when I finished writing it. “GOTH” was my first step into the world of writing novels and was riddled with typos and plot errors. Several years and edits later, and after a great deal of urging by family and close friends to send it out into the ether, I released it in December of 2014. To read the comments now of a totally impartial judge is extremely satisfying.

From her comments, however, I’m sure she wasn’t aware that she had just read the first book in a series of 7. The second part of the tale (WYTCH: A Most Noble Profession) was released in December 2015 and the third book will hopefully be released in the coming month or so.

The link for the review is as follows:

Book Review: Goth, by Graham Kenyon

I’d like to send out a personal thank-you to Monica for her efforts and her comments, and would also like to take this opportunity to say: though my choice of weapon used by Francis Thornton may be a little jarring for some, you may rest assured – it was completely deliberate!

As they say in the classics… all will be revealed 😉

gg… over and out!

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