They’ve created a monster!


OMG!!! I’ve discovered the world of Gear VR and Oculus… 3-D and 360-degree imagery – and I’m hooked!

So, back in June I decided to upgrade my mobile phone and settled on the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. Those of you who know me well would also know I am by no means a technocrat – so to be completely honest, when I bought the new phone, I really wondered what all the hype was about.

At the time I made the purchase, Samsung were running a ‘free gift’ campaign – namely, their new Gear VR 3D viewer. I thought the thing looked ungainly and that I would most likely have very little use for it; but when I filled out the warranty paperwork online my name was automatically entered on the list of people who qualified to receive the gift. I’d completely forgotten about it until last Wednesday, when I took delivery of the package and opened it.

I have to say, my first trial was clumsy and really only the result of being inquisitive; and though only very brief, I saw enough to stir further interest. My second and third trials were more down to determination… it was obvious this new gadget had a lot more to offer and I decided to persist until I found out more.

Now, just five days later, not only am I a convert, but I’m beginning to see untold possibilities for this mind-blowing technology. As part of my research for writing (wink-wink), I have already begun to immerse myself in spectacular 360-degree still photos, in breathtaking 3-D artworks and brilliant 3-D point-of-view experiences – and all I can say is, WOW!

Last night, I waltzed in the vacuum of space with an astronaut on a space-walk mission outside the ISS; I rode point on the “Joker’s Revenge” roller coaster; the Juno spacecraft, currently in orbit around Saturn, was right there in my bedroom and so close I could almost touch it; Paul McCartney allowed me into his recording studio and gave one-on-one insight on how he produced a hit; I took a seat on the flight-deck of the space shuttle on re-entry into earth’s atmosphere; and a ride in a rally car left me breathless – not to mention very nauseous as a result of non-motion sickness! If I had to choose just one word to describe the experience, it could only be – exhilarating!

In the words of Molly… if you own a Samsung 6 or 7 model phone, do yourselves a  favour and buy one of these things. It’s early days in this new world, but I see so much potential.

One warning… be very careful where you are standing when you don the Gear and set your mind free – there is a high tendency to wander and one can easily become disoriented. My shins have already copped a knock or three!

gg… over and out!

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