Things of stone and wood…

This new year is already showing signs of being quite different to the last five. There’s heaps of potential of course, and it’s up to me to unlock it. To do that, I’ve had to reset a few of my ideas.

Other than the support and advice of family and close friends, I’ve pretty much been going it alone since I started writing in 2010. Waving my hands around in the air and yelling ‘here I am’ has so far fallen on deaf ears. I believe my writing would benefit greatly from the input of a seasoned editor – and by that I mean, someone who can rein in my wandering mind and help me stay focussed. Working without the resources of a publisher and on a very tight budget has meant trying to do this by myself and the results have been mixed. I think my plots are sound, but at times there’s a tendency to wander. I’ll learn, eventually!

The problem with going it alone is, after a while, it gets harder to trust others with your work. When you’ve been holding onto things so tightly for so long, it can be difficult to let go. I think I took a huge step forward today – time will tell, but it’s the right time to get on with writing my next piece and let others show what they can do.

Back to “Pilate”…

It was pure coincidence, but two nights ago, I found myself in Brisbane’s Anzac Square, standing under the Shrine of Remembrance. In a matter of seconds, I remembered why I wanted to write Lawrence’s story and where I needed to take it. There are clues in the photo… the rest, you’ll just have to wait to find out. I expect I’ll have it finished by early April.

gg… over and out!


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