This is bad… VERY bad!

No, no, no… this just won’t do at all! Some things in the Universe are just not meant to be tampered with – the formula which led to Doctor Who being one of the all-time great Sci-fi TV shows is one of them.

It’s true… I’ve cheered on the good ones and thrown my old shoes at the screen when they brought out the bad ones, but until now, they all had at least one thing in common.

Look, I get it – I really do. I’ve stood in front of many a group of corporate employees over the years, championing a culture of equality and inclusion in the workplace and beyond that, in society in general; and I’d be one of the first to applaud when anyone representing a minority group, or one which has been subjected to gross forms of discrimination since history began, rises to the top and is duly rewarded for their efforts. In this case, however, I have an issue with the choice for the new Doctor for the 2018 series’ and it has nothing to do with Jodie’s acting abilities.

I suppose, now that I think of it, the root cause of my issue can be traced back to when Elizabeth Sladen was playing the role of Sarah Jane Smith alongside Doctors 3 and 4 – Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker (1973-1976). It might have begun before the introduction of Sarah Jane, in that her predecessors may have had their own ways of reining in their own wayward Doctors, but my first memory of one of the time-travelling alien’s companions outsmarting and outwitting their guide on their respectful jaunts through time and space sits firmly with Elizabeth’s character. In my mind, she laid the groundwork for the many companions who followed… to the point where companions were no longer limited to just being companions, but took their own place in the spotlight and became major contributors in plans for survival, and oversaw the downfall  and destruction of such evil aliens as Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians, Ice Warriors, Sontarans (my personal favourites) etc, and who could forget the Family Slitheen, from Raxacoricofallopatoria?

Don’t worry… I’m coming quickly to my point and it’s this – the new (female) Doctor is, no doubt, also going to select her own travelling companions for the duration of her time at the controls of the Tardis and unless the BBC has gone completely troppo, one would have to assume the majority of them will be male. So now we’re going to be faced with the situation where a female will once again be continuously upstaged, outfoxed, belittled, berated and suffer the indignity of being forced to stand in the shadow of her lesser male companions.

Nice one, Chris Chibnall et al. I can’t help but wonder – did you really think this choice through, or did you just cave to the pressure being exerted by a mostly fleeting audience?


GG… off my soapbox… over and out!


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