This, is my Kung Fu!


I thought I would share this with you… when my head is fuzzy and I’m looking for a breeze strong enough to blow away some cobwebs, this is where I go. I’m not sure if it’s been officially named yet, so I just refer to it as Coomera Lake.

This weekend, the lake was the venue for a rowing regatta and the place was absolutely buzzing with participants, boats and supporters. By the time I went out walking, later in the afternoon, things were calming down and the crowd wasn’t large enough to upset my rhythm. I managed two laps of the path around the lake – 8km’s in total – more than enough to send that dreadful, spying exercise monitoring program on my mobile phone into an alarm frenzy! Apparently, according to that pesky thing at least, I done good; but, to be honest, it’s just nice to get back to something like normal after a tough winter.

gg… over and out!


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