Under The Dome…


I observed this incredible phenomenon late on Saturday afternoon, while out and about on a clear-my-head walk. This particular image was taken by my friend Wei – visiting briefly as the leader of a tour group. They’re all off up to Cairns today – lucky devils!

At the time, my view of it was quite different – I had my head down and was moving along at a fair old pace, with headphones plugged in and Bowie cranked. I first saw it as a reflection on the mottled surface of the lake I was circumnavigating and when I looked up, the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld was right under the centre of the arch. I was far too slow to whip out my phone and capture the image as I saw it, but thanks to Wei, we all have an opportunity to revel in one of nature’s finest visual displays.

My apologies to you, Stephen; for catching a quick lift on your up-draft!

gg… over and out!


2 thoughts on “Under The Dome…”

  1. Well, congratulations GG. Mind plus reality!! Really fab!!
    This is the same world as our hero, Steven K… Lance

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