Watch this space!


Yesterday, I unshackled Akira, my super-hero cover designer, and set him loose on “WYTCH II: Toil and Trouble”. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I get at the thought of seeing what concepts he comes up with.

Every day, I sit at a keyboard and try to follow a loose outline of where I want my stories to go; and every day, I’m excited when I review what I’ve written and see how the plot has progressed. That level of excitement is immeasurably surpassed, however, each time I send off a request for cover design.

It never ceases to amaze me, what a good designer can envision from a very limited explanation of plot and characters. I send off a covering letter: including an extremely brief plot outline, a short list of key characters, a description of a relevant setting or two and a few ideas of my own, just to get him started. Before sending the email, I also attach a few photos, if I have any, to further illustrate my view of what I’m after – with a rider, giving him license to use his own creative talents.

For the next few days at least, the anticipation will grow. If it’s at all possible, I enjoy other people’s interpretations of my work more than writing. Waiting for his initial concepts is like the build-up to Christmas when I was a kid!

As on previous occasions, I believe he will send a few options for me to have a look at. I’ll pick the one which speaks the loudest, or suggest a different design featuring a combination of the elements he’s presented, and we then work collaboratively to move the design to finalisation.

The process usually takes a few weeks in total and I intend to put up regular posts here – which will allow you to experience how the design is progressing and, if you wish, even have input to the final product.

Watch this space!

gg… over and out!

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